Sales Background and Results

Launching a startup’s B2B go to market strategy and increasing their dealer count by 1000% in 8 months.

Developed a go-to market strategy for a hardware product that is now being sold globally across various continents. S

Started with 0 dealers and now boost over 40 dealers. Most of the dealers have been trained to install the product and are all professional business owners in the security and smart home sector.

Technology Sales Professional

Started my career as a marketing professional for a smart home company called Neocontrol in 2017. The company recognized my ability to sell and I become an account executive in 2018 selling to businesses. 

Sales Psychotherapy 

Having trained and practiced the SPIN methodology, Challenger sale and the Sandler method coupled with a psychology background, Brian becomes a psychotherapist on his calls. 

Entrepreneur Spirit & Action

Brian, during his teens and early 20s, has started service businesses as well as product businesses. His latest venture is “Gio Foods” which is a food distributing company that also offers healthy snacks and commodities for sale.