A life-long student of life.


Brian studied during his academic career the art of sales alongside the psychology and philosophy of people. Brian took an interdisciplinary approach to studying the reason that people buy and what leads people to make decisions. 


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Program of Study – Courses

    Concentration 1: Behavioral & Social Sciences                            
Political Economy       Spring 2019 Understanding of how economic policies can affect the economic landscape of a country and each individual citizen.        
Physiological Psychology     Spring 2019 Gave me the ability to understand how our physiology can affect our thought process and vice-versa.        
Principle of Behavioral Modification   Summer 2019 Gave me the ability to understand how to change my own behavior based on the goals targeted. Also helped me understand how to create positive habits/behaviors on others
Motivation and Emotion     Summer 2019 Helped me understand what motivates us to perform actions and how to create an environment where one can develop intrinsic motivation  
Neuropsychology       Summer 2019 Gained an understanding of how the brain is linked with behaviors and how to understand the physiology of the brain.       
    Concentration 2: Humanities                                
Critical Thinking       Spring 2019 Gave me the ability to think more logically, rationally and how to make arguments that are based on facts.        
Buddhism         Spring 2019 This class helped me expand my thinking to relate to different cultures and schools of thoughts, particularly Southeast Asia    
Philosophy of Religion     Fall 2019   Helped me write convincing, persuasive arguments in writing.                
Philosophy of Science     Fall 2019   Learned to construct arguments in response to other people’s questions in order to prove a point used facts        
Hinduism         Fall 2019   This class helped me expand my thinking to relate to different cultures and schools of thoughts, particularly Southwest Asia    
    Interdisciplinary Studies Requirements                              
Cornerstone Experience     Spring 2018 Personal Website Design, Video Editing, Voiceover, Adobe Creative Suite              
Capstone Experience       Spring 2020 TBA                          
    Minor: Professional Selling                                
Advanced Professional Selling     Fall 2019   Gained real world sales experience by mentoring with a sales professional. Also competed in a sales competition and placed. Understood how to apply SPIN to real sales calls
Marketing Analysis & Research     Spring 2020 TBA                          
Strategic Issues in Sales     Spring 2020 TBA                          
Strategic Salesforce Management   Spring 2020 TBA                          
Marketing       Spring 2018 Learned an introduction to marketing, understanding the major marketing avenues and how they relate to salespeople      
Professional  Selling       Summer 2019 Learned about the sales process, how to use SPIN and practiced with live roleplays            
    General Education Courses                                
English Composition I     Fall 2014   Learned how to write papers, conduct research and present it in front of an audience            
Freshman Writing Research     Spring 2015 Learned the basics of researching information to create a paper with compiled, relevant information        
Fundamentals Oral Communication   Summer 2016 Gained the ability to understand the basics of what makes communication happen. Practiced basic communication skills such as active listening.
Western Civilization I     Summer 2016 Writing Clearly and Concisely, Expressing Ideas, Editing, Reading and Analyzing Information, Drawing Conclusions      
Introduction to Philosophy     Fall 2015   Gained the ability to dissect arguments and understand how different schools of thoughts can help us develop a more sound, rational mind  
Theatre Survey       Fall 2016   Public Speaking, Group/Team Work, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Writing Clearly and Concise        
College Algebra       Spring 2015 Problem Solving, Communicating Findings                    
Principles of Statistics     Summer 2016 Collecting, Describing and Interpreting Data. Testing Theories, Population Sampling, Summarizing Data and Reporting Findings.    
General Psychology       Fall 2016   Understanding Behavior, Applying Principles to Real-World Scenarios, Research            
Principles of Macroeconomics     Fall 2015   General Understanding of National Income Accounting, Government Spending, Banking, Inflation, and Unemployment      
Astronomy       Fall 2017   Understanding the bigger picture of life, how to think in a different way, what makes up the earth and the solar system that we inhabit.  
Introduction to Biotech & Genetic Eng.   Spring 2017 Learned about DNA and how it is malleable based on the technology implemented.             
History of Science       Spring 2015 Understanding of the developments of science to this point. Skills in writing, reading and understanding complex theories.    
Italian American Experience     Spring 2015 Writing, understanding and dissecting a culture.                  
Introduction to Unix       Spring 2015 Problem solving, Coding, Understanding of logical algorithms, Computer skills            
College Trigonometry     Fall 2015   Problem Solving, Communicating Findings                    
Pre-Calculus Algebra       Summer 2016 Problem Solving, Communicating Findings                    
Computer Fundamental for Business   Fall 2017   Computer skills in business settings, using excel effectively, using powerpoint and other office tools, creating visually appealing presentations  


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Personal Mission Statement

My mission is to eliminate limiting beliefs by helping others understand the things we can all achieve with what’s inside of us so that we can all live a content and free life.

Sales will allow me to achieve this by leveraging what I am good at, which is communicating with others, solving problems and being a resource for others. A career in professional sales is also something that will allow me to improve my management skills and learn the intricacies of leading others.

A background in sales allows me to complete this by focusing on helping others make the best decision they can and solve their problems by being a trusted advisor. My goals are the ability to achieve financial success and to help others achieve the same.